Pearson Constantino is an American born multi-instrumentalist & sound artist. A classically trained percussionist, schooled jazz drummer and guitarist. Pearson’s texture based compositions blend electric and acoustic guitars, live drums and assorted hand built instruments with software devices, sequencers and samplers.

Bandmember of: Lethal Injection/Needle/Roberto Pianca/Mikronesia/Gemini Wolf/Megan Pandar Cauley/Mohawk Hitchhiker/David Traver/Appease the God of Me/Hobson’s Choice/Well Enough Folk Band/The Breedings/JBV/Version 2/The Gnomes/The Hay’s Quintet/The Fuck You Five/Chihiro Yamanaka Trio/Blues Wing/Terence Martin/Steve Blanco/Thomas Bryan Eaton/Jeremiah Vancans/Dorian Spencer/Joel Ackerson/Plushgun/Adam Groves and the StageCoach/Eric Sommer/Helen Gassenheimer/Jeff Pettit/Scott Barkan/Les Kurtz Trio/…..and many others.


“These compositions are dedicated to enforcing a sedate seclusion from reality, coaxing the listener into a peaceful realm where fragile sounds instill a sense of relaxation. Everything is understated, achieving a mood of elusive definition. “

-Matt Howarth/Sonic Curiosity

“Engulfing and hazy acoustic drones. This is completely hypnotic.”

Jean-Francois Goyette/Avant-Avant

“Surprisingly heartbreaking and beautiful.“

John Shanahan / Hypnagogue

“Pearson Constantino weaves a delicate balance of melody, mood, texture and organic sounds into this breathtaking new release.”

– Animal Psi