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I spent 2013/14 traveling and living out of my car. The songs on this collection were written and recorded in coffee shops and rest stops in Arizona, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, the Salton Sea; in a field along the Mississippi Delta; on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron; at campgrounds in Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, White Sands, and Limekiln; in hotel rooms in Albuquerque, Taos, San Antonio, Appleton, Lone Tree, and Kansas City; in the sand of the Mojave National preserve; in rented houses in New Orleans, New Symrna Beach, the Wonder Valley, Prunedale, and New York.

Each piece reflects (for me) the places where they were recorded and the experience of going towards and away from them.

With the exception of three synthesizer phrases, all sounds are made from my guitar.  I played drums on two tracks, programmed beats on two others, borrowed two grooves from a friend’s, and played some piano.